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Many purse frames don’t come with any instructions, so you need to make a pattern for the purse frame shape.

In the beginning to make the purse frame pattern, you need to choose a metal frame. In our shop, you can find lots of collections of the purse frame for handmade project. This hinged hardware come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colours.

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The metal purse frame is the basic of the design of your purse bag, the design concept needs to have width, height, and depth to create a style.

How To Make A Kiss Lock Frame Clutch Bag | SUPPLY4BAG AU

The size of the frame determines the width of the bag; height and depth can be whatever dimensions you want. Take your frame and draw around the outer perimeter, and don’t forget to mark the points where the hinges stop.

To create the depth, you need to add a gusset on both sides in bottom. Extend the baseline outward on either side of centre to half of the finished depth measurement and join to the top edge with a straight line.

The following examples show how to create a pattern for a rectangle glue-in kisslock frame (plus a seam allowance):

How To Draft A Pattern for Kisslock Metal Frame | SUPPLY4BAG AU

FREE Purse Pattern for Kisslock Metal Frame | SUPPLY4BAG AU

If you have an arch shape kisslock frame, here are the samples to create the pattern:

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