About us

"I began by selling handmade clutch bags, and extended my passion to provide quality bag supplies and design sewing patterns so you can create too!"

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How Were We Born

We started our bag making business on Etsy in 2009. With numerous time and effort spent finding and testing quality bag making hardware to fill the needs of our handmade products, in 2010 we decided to open a supplies store on Etsy to share our findings to other sewists, and this is how … was born. Being committed sewists, we fully understand the needs of the customers and are able to deliver on price and quality. 

In 2017, we shifted our businesses from Etsy platform to our own webstores which enabled us to provide a more professional appearance for all our products and all-rounded customer services.

Today, we also owned Pink Oasis, a small sized handmade business specialised in retro styled kisslock purses and wood frame handbags.

What Make Us Special

We are proud to say that we have extensive bag making experiences with more than 10+ years and we literately sewn everyday (of course, we took breaks and we had holiday, lol). We are able to provide you unique, good looking and durable hardware you need to make a professional looking bag.

We also have our in-house designed sewing patterns available, whether you are new to kisslock frame purses making or you are running a handmade business selling frame purses, this is the perfect place for you and we are happy to share with you our experiences and knowledge should you need any help.

Conscious Consumption

We only source products that are consciously produced, all our manufacturers are committed to environmental protection and human respect.

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